Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A B.O./Pawlenty ticket? Huh? Dick Tracy's Aromatic Pal, B.O. Plenty? for President AND VP?

Hmmmm, Chester Gould was great great nephew to Nostradamus - He saw B. Obama, pick Tim PawLENTY as his running mate? 63 years ago? Simply, Amazing, Chester!-
B.O. PlentyFirst appearance July 10, 1945 (Bob Oscar Plenty) & Gravel Gertie, first appearance Sept. 3, 1944Plenty & Gertie's storyline encapsulates Gould's ridiculous and satirical humor. Unlike many characters in Gould's storylines who last only a few days, Gravel Gertie, the reclusive owner of a gravel pit near Sunny Dell Acres, and B.O. Plenty are wildly popular and remain in the strip as friends of Tracy. B.O., a seedy, bewhiskered and smelly smalltime crook, is also a faithful friend of the detective. B.O.'s cussing, spitting and tobacco chewing endear him to the eccentric Gravel Gertie. When they married on August 18, 1946, The Chicago Tribune-New York News Syndicate received hundreds of telegrams and letters congratulating B.O. Plenty and Gravel Gertie on their nuptials. A true example of the fans' devotion to Tracy and this bizarre couple, the syndicate received the strangest collection of wedding gifts ever showered upon a bride and groom, real or imaginary, including battered silver, razors, deodorant, hairpins and more. Gertie tamed B.O.'s wild ways and the couple later conceived a daughter, Sparkle Plenty. Dick Tracy and Tess Trueheart were best man and maid of honor at the wedding. B.O. was renowned for having strangled the notorious villain Breathless Mahoney. (Source:comicspage.com)