Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bill Clinton "I said Race Car!-NOT Race Card!- the Media Twists My Words!"

I'm not sure Barack realizes the attacks from Jeremiah are being orchestrated by Serpenthead and Slick, who himself says- "Many in the African American community call me the first Black President- so how can Senator Obama be the true first Black President?" Uhmmmm, wild guess here, but maybe, BECAUSE HE REALLY IS BLACK? This just in-Thank God!-literally! Barack now has turned his back on the back stabbing Wright, Wright is the Ace Hole- I mean, in the, by Clinton's own admission "How do you know Reverend Wright isn't our 'Ace In The Hole?'" That term sounds both gross and racist, coming from the Slick One. GASP! This means that Bill Clinton is head of the vast Wright Wing Conspiracy! Look out, while posing with Bill, Barack! Who do you think the Rev got his backstabbing knives from?

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